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Hey, have you ever considered what you would do if the windshield of your car was smashed or cracked by a rock on the road? I hadn't until it happened to me. I was driving down a city street when a loose piece of asphalt shot up off the road as it was hit by the car in front on me and hit my windshield. The piece of asphalt didn't smash right through my windshield but it did leave a big crack right across the glass. I pulled over and called a mobile windshield repair service who came out and repaired the damaged glass.

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Answering Some Common Questions About Auto Glass Repair

It's never good to drive with a windscreen that is not in good repair, as that screen is meant to keep you safe in the cab of the vehicle in case of a collision. Scratches, chips, and other damage can obscure your vision, and you might also risk a ticket or citation if you drive with a damaged windscreen. If your vehicle's windscreen needs repair, note a few questions you might have about the process and the products used for this work, so you can know your options for repair and know when it's best to simply replace the windscreen altogether.

Can all damage be fixed onsite?

You may dread the idea of taking your car to a repair shop and having wait for the windscreen to be fixed, and there are some companies that will come to your location and fix a chip or crack onsite. However, this isn't always an option, depending on the extent of the damage. A chip that has gone all the way through the glass, or a crack that has spread across the width of the windscreen, may not be easily fixed with resin and other such materials. If the windscreen has actually come loose from the frame of the car, it may need to be replaced, and this can rarely be done at your location.

Note, too, that very inclement weather may interfere with auto glass repair, as resin needs to harden and set. If you need a chip or crack filled during a rainstorm, you may be advised to bring it into a shop, where the repair is made under controlled conditions.

Why have it replaced?

If it's been recommended that your windscreen is replaced, it may be that the chip or crack is very deep or very wide, as mentioned, so it cannot simply be filled in with resin. If the resin doesn't set completely, this can leave behind scratches that obscure your vision, and this can also mean a windscreen that is not safe and strong, and which can shatter in the event of a collision.

Another reason to have the windscreen replaced is if the seals around its edges are leaking so that water is getting into the vehicle, or you can actually feel the wind coming in around the screen. This can happen if the windscreen is damaged and no longer fits the car's frame, or if the seals are damaged and cannot be repaired. Since a windscreen is so important for your safety when driving, it's best to simply have it replaced when it's this damaged.

Contact an auto glass repair service for more information and assistance.